If your thinking about buying a new automatic garage door, give us a call because you may not need to buy a new garage door at all, many old garage doors can be automated easily.

It may be possible to automate your existing garage door, so If your looking for an automation we can help you. give us a call and in just a few simple steps we can give you a good idea if your existing garage door would be suitable for automation using one of our high quality automations.
We offer many different automatic operators so we can provide you with the right solution for you and your garage door. All our products and installations are fully compliant with current regulations with your safety in mind.

Lets have a look at the many different options available from us.

Garamatic 9 - Automatic Garage Door

Garamatic 9

A reliable and secure automatic operator that comes complete with two 2 button hand transmitters, so you can open your garage door without having to leave the comfort of your car. With a maximum push pull force of 650 N it is suitable for all single doors and some well balanced double doors.
Novoferm Novoport - Automatic Garage Door

Novoferm Novoport

The Novoport remote control automation package is unique to the novoferm and cardale sectional garage door range. Unlike traditional boom operators the Novoport is a side mounted operator with no central boom and motor unit to hang from the ceiling, it is particularly good for low headroom situations.
Garamatic 10 - Automatic Garage Door

Garamatic 10

A reliable, feature packed, secure automatic operator that comes complete with two 2 button hand transmitters, The bi-directional radio technology provides a more reliable signal that can be used over longer distances, allowing you to open your garage from further away, it has a super smooth quiet door action. It is also highly secure with an integral anti-burglar device as standard, it is 50% faster than most other operators depending on door type.
Sommer Duo Vision 650 - Automatic Garage Door

Sommer Duo Vision 650

The classic opener with separate control housing which incorporates an automatic curtsey light, Maximum pulling/driving force, up to 650 N for single and many well balanced double garage doors, also suitable for canopy door automation using the additional Bow Arm Converter.
Gliderol GRD - Automatic Garage Door

Gliderol GRD

Compact, technologically advanced and secure Gliderol operator. Includes everything to convert a manually operated roller door to automatic remote control. The GRD is safety assured, with a reversing function that means the door will reverse back up should the downward movement be restricted, standard heavy duty motor for single doors and optional duel motor for larger doors.
Sommer Marathan 800SL - Automatic Garage Door

Sommer Marathon 800SL

Maximum pulling/driving force, up to 800 N for single and most double garage doors. It has 112 radio memory positions, expandable to 448. With its 80,000 cycles, the durable marathon 800 can also be used in communal garage facilities. A more powerfull 1100 SL is available and must be used with photo cells.
Gliderol RW1 - Automatic Garage Door

Gliderol RW1

The new Rol•a•Matic RW-1 is a single unit motor and controller suitable for “retro-fitting” to GlideRol•a•Door and most existing single skin steel roller doors. It features a built in courtesy light and spring loaded dis-engage and re-engage cords as standard, comes with two digital remote control handsets. Suitable for doors up to a maxi um of 12 metres square. Soft start and soft stop with adjustable operating speed.
Sommer Sprint Evolution 550SL - Automatic Garage Door

Sommer Sprint Evolution 550SL

The sprint evolution is the elegant, black entry-level model for light and medium-weight doors up to 4 metres wide. it features a automatic light positioned at the rear end of the drive rail. With rolling code technology for security conscious people providing all round peace of mind.